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Toss some numbers in my inbox and the character I should answer them for.

1. What is one thing others might find intolerable about them?
2. Do they have any annoying quirks? If so, what are they?
3. Name one or more of their bad habits.
4. Any addictions? (Food, sex, drugs/alcohol, shopping, power/control, etc.)
5. What is one thing they do that can negatively affect their relationship with friends?
6. Their romantic relationships?
7. What is the biggest mistake they’ve ever made?
8. What mistake(s) do they continue to make/have not learned from?
9. Name some of their major physical shortcomings.
10. Some of their emotional shortcomings?
11. What are their intellectual shortcomings?
12. At least one thing that they tend to overreact to.
13. In what ways might they be overly negative and/or pessimistic?
14. Is there anything they are too optimistic about?
15. How might they be ignorant or prejudiced?
16. Do they have any behaviors and/or beliefs that cannot be adequately justified?
17. When would they be too judgmental of someone or something?
18. Are they ever a pushover about something? If so, how?
19. Is there anything they refuse to budge on? What are they stubborn about?
20. What is a self-inflicted misery of theirs? (i.e. something they perpetuate themselves)

Let's just say here Rupert, if Dani don't exist or any humans, pirates any other mythical creatures exists. who are you going to depend on? or you just kill yourself? Sure, there's still plants and planktons live in the world. : 3

Hey Rupert... which do you prefer if you have a chance to date one, Merman or a siren (male)?

FRANKLIN! Hows everything with you and Corbin recently?

This is a question for Rupert- what does it feel like to suddenly lose legs and turn into a merman?

Hey, Maze! You any good at video games? Do you have a favorite one?

I’ve been instructed so - (Active) OC list

1.Rupert - pirate-wannabe-merboy
2.Ange - sister of Rupert - woodland housewife 
3.Jayden - ginger jokester pirate
4.Lazarus - ex-thief/pirate, family man
5.Dusty - the shamelessly flirty pirate
6.Nancy - runaway - witch? 
7.Demi - hyperactive pyromaniac
8.Jim - respected captain
9.Luke - western rogue
10.Chester - wannabe showbizz/hollywood dancer
11.Haralamb - gross vampire
12.Maze - egotistical fool with a bad skin condition
13.Noam - traveler in apocalyptic world 
14.Ursula - raised by giant insects 
15.Two - hermit cutie bunny
16. Jacque -short and angry sassy boy with fluffy hair
17. Opi - sea monster
18. Alphie (and socks) - psycho killer who obeys the sock puppets he has
19. Shane - cutie genderless forest spirit
20. Nico - monkey demon boy 
21. Franklin - voodoo king/demon?
22. TomTOM - alien boy

Rupert, two and twenty? ^-^


Answered 2—

Rupert, 2,17,8


Uh h-hi this is for Rupert. What does it feel like to turn into a merman suddenly?